Technological Updates

One of the things that Tricia and I really appreciate is the importance of technology to our project. Because of technology, we have been able to work together while hundreds of miles of apart, share information with each other in a flash, carry on conversations several times a day, network with other amazing people who are bringing this project together, but most of all, we have been able to reach out and actually contact an amazing group of women.

The internet has given us access to people we never imagined would respond to us and be willing to share their stories. The internet has given us the option of contacting professionals for support. We are able to send huge data files thousands of miles and get transcripts done in a few days. Our computers are our constant companions.

Of course, as I sit here way past the time that I should be in bed and blog my thoughts, I am amazed and excited at the options available to us though the magic of the web. Think about it. It is magic. I know that my children take it for granted. I suppose that is a common reaction to that which becomes so familiar and commonplace as the the internet has become. I, however, am still thrilled at the new things I am discovering everyday.

Now, as a part of our book project, we have launched full steam into social media. In addition to our website, we have a blog, a facebook fan page and a twitter account. We can enjoy the power that instant communication gives us today. We can enjoy the gift that we are gathering and share with old and new friends.

How powerful is technology? It can change a life or the world. Tricia and I have started this project with the hopes of sharing some positive feelings that we were blessed to receive. We are tackling all the media to share them. Embracing the written word, the internet and maybe even e-books, we are willing to relish all the methods of contacting other wonderful and wise women and sharing what we learn.

One closing thought before I head to bed. We have used the name Wise Irish Women for a reason—neither Tricia nor I would presume to be the “Wise Irish Woman” who should advise others. Rather, from the beginning of this project, we have recognized the wonderful guidance and support we received from our family. We know that there are many wise words that have guided and molded some of the most interesting, successful and happy women who make up our world. We thought that those women might be willing to share what they have learned from others. Amazingly, they have been willing and more than generous with their time and help. I have observed one very interesting common attribute among this great group of people. All of them humbly credit the love, guidance and support from mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers with making them the women they are today. They cherish their connections with the people who have been in their lives more than anything else.

This is an uplifting and spirit renewing adventure.


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