Tricia and I have been enjoying our time together. We are focused on our project and tasks but this whole experience is very rejuvenating and exciting–more like fun than work. We have a dozen different ideas for the next step and hope that we can continue with our enthusiasm. The more time we spend together the more excited we become and the more focused we are on getting this project finished.

As we talk and brainstorm and plot our course, we are repeatedly amazed at the serendipitous circumstances that keep touching this project. Things are happening so easily and are coming together like a perfectly planned puzzle–each piece connected to the other pieces and joining together to create a picture. In truth, we are both spiritual people and have faith that God is helping us with this project. We know in our hearts that our special saints, my Dad, her Mom and our Grandmother, are helping us. Still when we sit down and start to list the coincidences that are bringing this all together, we are amazed.

We are going to interview Mary Higgins Clark this afternoon. I am still not quite believing that she is willing to do this. We are two strangers who she is willing to help with a project for no other reason than pure kindness. I was reading her own story written many years ago to honor her mother and was struck by her description of her mother as generous of heart. How very true this trait and characteristic is of the Irish- generous of heart and kind of spirit. The Irish women we know and have come to know have become a rallying community of support and enthusiasm for our project. What a gift of the heart each has given to us.

Still, I have to recognize a touch of something more powerful than us. As you know, we have been working for several months to get this work put together. Nearly everyday we see a sign that this is a good thing to do. You may disagree or you may dismiss my beliefs but I have come to believe that there are miracles and signs around us all the time. You have to be open and willing to see them.

Just yesterday, Tricia and I were given a discount coupon for dinner at a restaurant near our hotel. The name? Houlihans—Irish Restaurant and Bar. How appropriate. While reading Mary Higgins Clark’s bio, I noticed that she grew up in the Bronx and actually graduated from Fordham. Our parents grew up in the Bronx and my father graduated from Fordham.

As you know, two weeks ago we had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Marianne McDonald. During the first five minutes of our conversation, we discovered that we were both Alumnae of Bryn Mawr College. Kerry Williamson was referred to us because of a casual email that was forwarded to me from a friend. He had heard a little bit about our book and passed on the info when he read about it on the internet. She is incredibly busy but, by mere “coincidence” was available while we were already in San Diego for our interview with Dr. McDonald and could meet us. She normally lives in Santa Barbara and just happened to be in San Diego. Serendipity, yes coincidence, yes. Miracles, maybe.


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