Thank you!!

Tricia and I had a conversation with a woman who is helping us as an editor on this project. She has some very good suggestions and has given us a lot to think about. We appreciate the fact that she is a professional and can give us an objective opinion on what will work best to get our message out to the world.

I have been thinking a lot about what she told us. One thought repeats itself over and over though. As we make progress, I think that Tricia shares my opinion that we feel a great responsibility toward all the women who have taken the time to speak with us and share their stories. Each of them is unique and has given us much to work with. We are grateful to all of the women who have been so honest and generous, giving us of their time and thoughts.

One thing that has amazed both of us is the way that people have been willing to share their stories. Please know that we appreciate the gift of trust we have been given. We cherish the words and value each of them. We feel humbled by this gift. We also, very sincerely, promise to do our best to share this project with other women.

Thank you to all who are helping us.

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