Happy St. Patrick’s Day with a Traditional Irish Dinner


Traditional Irish Dinner

Many of you celebrated St. Patrick’s day with friends and family by enjoying a delicious dinner of corned beef and cabbage with boiled potatoes on the side. Tricia and I were very happy to be able to spend St. Patrick’s day together with our families. While we were planning a celebratory dinner, we started talking about what to prepare. I mentioned the idea of corned beef and cabbage as a traditional Irish meal. She explained that we needed to prepare a truly traditional meal–roast beef, mashed potatoes and green beans.

One of the unexpected benefits of our amazing book project is that we have been able to collect words of wisdom from our contributors, many of whom we now consider friends. Tricia mentioned to me that thanks to Diane Stopford and Rachel Gaffney, she is aware that the traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage enjoyed by many Irish Americans is purely an American tradition. Many Irish American immigrants were faced with financial challenges and sought out cheaper cuts of meat when celebrating special events so they turned to the tasty dish of corned beef and cabbage. Over the years, corned beef and cabbage, with boiled potatoes has become a St. Patrick’s day staple.

In our family, special dinners were always celebrated with Grandma’s roast beef dinner. We decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by preparing our comfort food meal. Here is our recipe for our family favorites.

Roast Beef

5 1/2 lb eye round roast
Canadian Steak seasoning
4-6 cloves garlic coarsely chopped
thick slice of onion
6-8 slices bacon

Place the roast upside down (fatty side up) in a roasting pan.
Coat both sides with Canadian Steak seasoning
Spread garlic over the roast
Separate the onion and lay it over the roast and other spices
Cover the roast with slices of bacon

Bake in oven at 375 degrees for 1 1/2 hours.

Allow roast to rest and then slice thinly. Serve with homemade gravy made from the drippings.

Mashed Potatoes

5 lbs russet potatoes, peeled, quartered and boiled until soft.

2 sticks butter, melted and placed in the botton of large bowl,
Smash potatoes in bowl with butter, Add milk and keep mixing.
Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serves 8

As we sat around the table, I could feel my Grandma smiling down at us. She loved nothing more than seeing her family together enjoying a meal. We hope you will enjoy this holiday.

God Bless.

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