Little Things Make for Big Excitement

We were thrilled to wake up this morning and find that the El Paso Times had included a mention about our book, Wise Irish Women, in the Living section under Book notes. It was a nice write up and even included a photo of our cover. I was very excited when Tricia called to tell me. He father had noticed it and called her early this morning with the news.

I stopped and bought a copy of the paper so I would have a paper copy for my scrapbook. It is very satisfying to see the news in print and to know our project has come to life. Both Tricia and I have wrestled with the fear that other people would not like our work. We still worry but we know we have accomplished our main goal which was to honor our Grandmother, and her mother. My father would have been thrilled beyond belief. I know that he would have relished every moment of this process and is in fact, sharing our joy over this work. Our grandmother and my aunt, were tough, resilient women who put family first and enjoyed the little things.

I humbly say that, no matter how many copies are sold, we are very pleased we have done this work. We are proud to be related to some very Wise Irish Women.

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