Wise Irish Women--Laura and TriciaIt was with a little trepidation that Tricia and I sat down at our book signing table just before 6:00 on Friday March 2. We had invited family and friends to share our excitement over the publication of our book at a party and book signing. We had no idea how many people would actually venture out on a very windy Friday evening but we were hopeful that we would have enough people present to at least eat the food.

Just a moment after my daughter snapped our photo, we were happy to see our first book buyer eagerly waiting for us to sign our names. After that, the line continued for almost two hours. We were so thrilled. It was immensely gratifying to have so many people gather to wish us well and share in our journey. We have worked for almost two years, gathering stories, interviewing our wise women, writing, editing, and then finalizing our book. It is amazing how much goes on behind the scenes. It is not a simple task and involves so much more than just writing the words on paper.

We know that we have had angels helping us along the way. Even though it has been a lot of work, there have been too many little miracles that have just pulled us along this path so that we are now able to present our work to the world.

We have always felt that there was an important message to share but we also know that we have to work to get it out. Now starts the work—with the fun thrown in.

Our party and book signing was a success because of so many people who took the time to care about what we have done. THANKS to all of you. Slainte. Enjoy the words of our amazing “wise Irish women.”

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