Fun. Fun. Fun!!!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Now that Tricia and I have finished our book the hard work really begins. We had no idea how many tasks it takes to get a book out into the world. We are learning as we go—finding out short cuts and exploring new ideas.

The best part of all, is the hunt for new chances to share our work. I have been thrilled to search the internet and find new blogs and “mentions” about our book in the most random of places.

We have been lucky that so many different sources have taken the time to publish a little tidbit about our book. I “google” “Wise Irish Women” several times a day and I am surprised at what I have found. The internet is amazing. The connection to everyone and the world is incomprehensible.

Just a moment ago I found a story about our book in the Hartford Connecticut newspaper. Then I found that we have sold a book to a man from Simsbury Connecticut. Each new sale is a mystery and a gift. I especially love seeing our book head out to all corners of the country. So far we have managed to hit, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, Georgia, Utah, North Carolina, Maryland, California, New Jersey, not including the home states and countries of our wise Irish women. Naturally, we cannot forget Texas. As I package and prepare our book to go to a new home, I am filled with excitement. I wish I could talk with our readers to find out what they think. To ask which story they like the best.

It is true, when you write a book you give away a little part of your heart.

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