Forgive me a small brag–Texas Lawyer Interview

I did a google search for Wise Irish Women which is a regular habit I have assumed for the last few weeks and was thrilled to see a blog entry about our book. It was nice to be recognized in a newspaper that is relevant to my chosen career. The article reaches a whole new segment of the world.  Not your typical market for a book like ours.  But, in truth, our stories are very relevant to professional women in every field. We all face choices and challenges as we work to live (not live to work).

I was pleased that the reporter took to time to interview me and then wrote a very nice piece about our work. Most important, he focused on the real purpose of our project–to honor our grandmother, my father and Tricia’s mother. We miss them so much that it was important to us to make a small mark in the world. We hope this book will do so.

I was taken a little off guard when he emailed me and asked for a head shot photo. It is funny but I have not had a professional photo taken in years. Of course, time was of the essence but my trustee iPad came to the rescue. In just a couple of minutes I had scrolled through my photo album, found a shot of me and my daughter that was a close up of our faces, and quickly used one of my apps to crop and save a head shot.

It is amazing what flexibility technology has introduced to our lives. Of course, we keep setting the bar higher and higher, our expectations rising and our demands increasing with every new development. We love the fast life. We love the instantaneous connection. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget the little moments.

I was very happy to see the article–for many reasons. Most of all, I am sure my father is smiling.

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