Google Alerts–Wise Irish Women

Google is amazing. I have a feeling that I do not have any idea about all the options that are available through Google. I am learning more each day.

A friend of mine shared a very useful tip about using Google–Google Alerts. As I have mentioned before, I have been busy checking the web for mentions of Wise Irish Women online. I would check into Google, do a search and scroll through the pages for new posts. It was gratifying every time I found something, but most of the time, I was just revisiting old posts.

A few days ago, someone mentioned that Google offers an option that allows you to ask Google to alert you whenever there is a mention of your search term. So far it is a little broad but does bring up new posts. It is a great tool for tracking a topic or term of interest. I imagine that it has a lot of applications.

“Google”-google alerts and follow the instructions for setting up your own Google Alert.

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