Spring Break….Vacation or Nightmare?

Spring Break

While traveling on Spring Break, one of the first activities that I have to tackle is the visit to the Grocery Store to stock up on enough food to feed a small army.

I am proud to say that I have a menu stored on my iPad and options for a standard grocery list. In theory, all I should have to do is make a quick dash around the store to stock up for the week. The reality is very different.

If you have never been to a resort town on the weekend before a busy holiday week you have really missed something. “Crowded” takes on a new meaning. People are everywhere and seem to travel in packs. I will admit, that now, after many, many years of Spring Break spent in a vacation town, I am quite intrigued with the people watching aspect of the whole process.

Last Sunday I headed to the local grocery and grabbed my cart. Almost immediately, I ran into a group of three “guys” clearly on a “guys” vacation. They were in the dairy section of the store and I overheard them discussing the importance of milk. One guy mentioned that he loved milk. The other commented with some skepticism, “You really think that you are going to drink all of that?” “Sure.” was guy number 1’s response as he reached into the refrigerator section and grabbed two gallons of milk. “Hey grab one more.” he instructed guy number 1 who complied by grabbing one more gallon of milk.

The interesting thing (other than the idea of a 3 gallon milk fest) is the fact that they grabbed three different types of milk. That’s right. Guy number 1, grabbed whole milk and Guy number 2 picked up 2% and non-fat. I bet they never notice.

I left them grabbing enough frozen entrees to feed a dozen guys for a month.

Next I started watching two women who were shopping and still dressed in ski cloths. I could easily hear their conversation. “Well my family likes orange juice with pulp.” Woman number 1 commented. Woman number 2, emphatically replied, “Little Johnny won’t drink it with pulp.”

“Well should we get both?” Women number 1 asked.

“I guess so.” Johnny’s mother replied.

I watched as they put two half gallons of orange juice in their cart–with and without pulp. Then they started discussing breakfast options. Little Johnny likes frozen waffles, and pancake wrapped sausages on a stick, and yogurt, and cereal, and bacon, and french toast and an assortment of other choices, all for one week. But of course, whatever little Johnny wants, little Johnny gets. Woman number 1 was staring at the pile of breakfast goodies but didn’t say a word.

Woman number 1 placed hamburger patties in the cart. “We will make hamburgers for dinner tonight. We need buns and frozen french fries.”

“Little Johnny doesn’t like hamburgers. Let’s get some frozen chicken nuggets and mac and cheese.” Johnny’s mother informed Woman number1 while reaching for the freezer door.

I left as Woman number 1 watched a whole new collection of dinner items being added to the cart by Johnny’s mom.

We love to have company for spring break and I am happy to report that I have gotten to the point in life that I welcome friends but I no longer struggle to please everyone. I fix dinner–a good, basic menu–if someone does not like it, they can make a sandwich. I always have peanut butter and jelly.

Vacations are one of those things that are supposed to be fun and relaxing but can turn into a nightmare in a flash. Food shopping is a challenge. At the end of the day, if you are the host or hostess, remember, the peanut butter and jelly.

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