Stickers of Steel

I was very excited to bring home my new set of matching canisters to sit on my counter and hold Coffee, Tea and Sugar in lovely decorative containers. They are coordinated to match the “oiled bronze” look of my faucets and kitchen cabinet knobs. I was also pleased that they are designed with lids that seal tightly to assure that the contents will stay fresh. What I did not ever anticipate was the battle that would ensue with the “Stickers of Steel” that were affixed to the outside of the containers.

I noticed the stickers when I purchased the containers….they provided a general description of the items, manufacturer, product name, size and, of course, the ever valuable bar code. Useful, and some might say, necessary.

After I got them home, I washed them, dried them, and then tried to remove the “STICKERS.” At first I tackled them with my ordinary finger nails hoping to raise and edge enough to grab hold and pull them off. Impossible. No way could I get the stickers off.

I recognized that I had to bring out the big gun—Goo Gone—the miracle sticker remover.

I carefully laid the containers on their sides, set them on cardboard and then saturated the “STICKERS” with the Goo Gone. Goo Gone was rolling down the sides of the containers and pooling on the counter but the stickers where unaffected. I decided that I needed to let everything soak a while and went about doing other chores. One thing let to another and it was a couple of hours before I returned. I wiped the containers with a paper towel expecting the sticker to slide off like normally happens with Goo Gone.

Nothing. Not a dent or wrinkle or even a curled edge. I tried the fingernail trick again with no luck.

More Goo Gone—left it sitting overnight—nothing.

Now I was truly frustrated. I wanted to use my containers but, did I really want them “decorated” with the manufacturer’s label? I could always orient them toward the wall but was I going to let the “STICKERS” win?

Dilemma. If I score the stickers, I could break the seal and get the Goo Gone to soak in but I am risking scratching the surface of my new containers. Sighing, I realized that I was now on day two of soaking with no progress.

I carefully got my kitchen scissors and “scored” the surface of the containers. Four hours later, the scoring worked, sort of. I saw progress but was still a long way from success.

Scoring away I criss-crossed the label with multiple slices until finally the label was covered with a series of small scratches. After letting is soak over night, SUCCESS!!!

The labels came off the containers with only a little bit of rubbing.

My question? Now really, do manufacturers need to stick labels on containers that take two days to get off? How is it productive to put something on the side of the container that requires a special product and tools to remove? Don’t most people intend to remove the stickers before they use the containers? (Maybe I am mistaken here and some people like the stickers or just leave them on as decorations.)

In any case, I wish I was not a voice in the wind…..anyone else want stickers that don’t stick forever?

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1 Response to Stickers of Steel

  1. I would reach out to the manufacturer and give feedback on the issue you had removing those stickers and how their product could have been marred in the process. Perhaps even suggest where else they could have put this information. I hate battling with stickers and I usually bring out the Goo Gone myself. I have never had the fight you had though. Hooray for sticking to your guns! LOL!

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