Slainte Mary Higgins Clark and the American Ireland Fund

Slainte Mary Higgins Clark and the American Ireland Fund.

Several days ago, Tricia and I travelled to New York City to host a celebration of the publication of our book. We were humbled and honored to have shared the evening with the incomparable Mary Higgins Clark.

The American Ireland Fund is an organization devoted to the support of Irish Charities and is made up of Americans with an Irish connection. Several of the wise Irish women in our book have a connection to the American Ireland Fund and Tricia reached out to the organization to share our project. Our goal was to share our project and support the goals of the organization.

Serendipitously, the American Ireland Fund is currently focusing on developing a section of Irish Women Leaders—as Tricia mentioned to them, we have started the list with our book, Wise Irish Women.

After several emails back and forth, the American Ireland Fund graciously offered to help coordinate an event to celebrate the launch of our book. One of their most active members is our own wise Irish women, Mary Higgins Clark. With her usual grace and kindness, Mrs. Clark agree to attend our event and speak as a keynote speaker and share her amazing story.

The venue was selected—a lovely small Irish Chocolate shop located just across from Bryant Park in downtown Manhattan— Lily O’Brien’s. Lily O’Brien’s provides delectable authentic, Irish chocolate that is truly delicious. The party was the ultimate in sophistication—chocolate, champagne and good company.

Many wise Irish women, from the New York area attended the party including several of our own featured women. It was a treat to meet them in person. My only regret was that we were not able to spend more time with them. The few minutes I was able to share with them were very gratifying. I am so proud to be associated with such an accomplished group of people. It is very rewarding to be able to say thank you to each of them for being a part of this project.

Naturally the highlight of the evening was hearing Mrs. Clark speak about her life’s experiences. She is so gracious and kind. It is an honor to know her and a gift to have been able to include her in our book. On top of everything, she told us and everyone there that she loved our book. That really makes it all worth while.

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