Bryn Mawr College Class of 2012 and Wise Irish Woman Mary Robinson

Guess where we spent last weekend? At Bryn Mawr College for the Commencement ceremony.

The commencement speaker for the Class of 2012 was Mary Robinson, the first female President of Ireland.

Tricia and I had signed up for a business planning seminar that helps authors focus on the business aspect of a project and provides resources and suggestions on every aspect of taking a book project and making it successful. It was scheduled to take place in Philadelphia over May 10-11.

We were both very stressed about taking the time off from work and trying to get to Philadelphia for a two day seminar but we had committed to the time.

While looking at a Bryn Mawr College announcement (my alma mater), I was surprised to see that the class of 2012 had invited Mary Robinson, the first women president of Ireland, to speak at their commencement ceremony. Not only that, but commencement weekend was scheduled to be the same weekend as the seminar. Better yet, commencement has been moved to Saturday which made it perfectly reasonable to extend our trip to include a visit to Bryn Mawr. This was too serendipitous to ignore.

I packaged copies of our book, sent them off with a letter and a prayer that I would have a chance to present President Robinson with a copy.

Once again I was reminded of how truly special Bryn Mawr is and how warmly Bryn Mawr treats its students and alumnae. I received an immediate reply with an invitation to attend commencement and provided with an opportunity to meet President Robinson and give her a copy of our book.

One of my old college friends is working at the college as the College Secretary. (What a very small world this is!!!!) She helped to make my wish come true. We were included in the graduation events and warmly greeted as special guests. It was an amazing and gratifying experience. I was thrilled to hear President Robinson speak. She is an accomplished and inspirational women. She had a moving and thought provoking message. She is truly a wise Irish woman.

The campus looks beautiful–lovely flowers everywhere. The school has planted beautiful landscaping and installed light posts and pathways. The day was a magical spring day with perfect weather.

It was a great experience to be back. We were honored to be treated so specially and grateful to be included in a such a personal way.

Anassa Kata to Bryn Mawr.

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