Wise Inspiring Women

Wise Inspiring Women

After attending a seminar a couple of weeks ago, Patricia and I came away with an overwhelming amount of information and with our minds whirling with ideas and plans. We were very excited to realize that our book, Wise Irish Women, really is the start of something much bigger. We are convinced that the message of wise women everywhere is something worth sharing.

We started brainstorming and have launched the idea of the Wise Inspiring Women Series and the Wise Inspiring Women Collection of products. We are working on the trademark for the Wise Inspiring Women logo and are mapping out our series of books for the Wise Inspiring Women Series— it should keep us busy for the next several years.

We are collecting information about potential wise women who will be featured in our future books. Thanks to all of you who have reached out and contacted us. If you know someone who has a story to tell and would be willing to share her words, let us know. Contact me at Laura@WiseIrishWomen.com

We are announcing our plans here and sharing our dreams with you.

Introducing the Wise Inspiring Women Series of books:

Wise Irish Women
Wise Texas Women
Wise Hispanic Women
Wise Jewish Women
Wise Girl Scout Women
Wise Bryn Mawr Women
Wise Pink Women
Wise Judicial Women
Wise Political Women
Wise Italian Women
Wise Middle Eastern Women
Wise Academic Women
Wise Teaching Women
Wise Working Women
Wise Non-Working Women
Wise Mature Women
Wise Young Women
Wise Juarez Women
Wise Single Women
Wise Married Women
Wise Divorced Women
Wise Greek Women
Wise Athletic Women
Wise Olympic Women
Wise Professional Women
Wise Blue Collar Women
Wise Amazing Women
Wise Musical Women

Please let us know if you think of any other Wise Women who should be included. Of course we are just starting the process. We are excited about sharing this project with all of you. Check back regularly as we continue planning the details.

Wise Inspiring Women—we all have a story, let’s share and inspire each other.


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