Thank you American Express!!!

Thank you American Express!!!

It seems like every other day the news media report about some sort of breach of security that has resulted in millions of pieces of information being accessed by criminals.

I personally have had my identity stolen twice and had my credit card information captured several times.

Each time it has happened, I was fortunate that I was notified almost immediately by some sort of security safety net that noticed that my charging pattern had changed.

The amazing thing is that I charge everything….everything that I can. I use the points for all sorts of things. Also, I can keep track of all my expenses, down to the penny.

The bad thing is that Mr. Security knows everything about me. On Thursday morning, I received a phone call at 7:00 AM asking me if I had tried to charge an airline ticket on some strange airline—$900 worth. Mr. Security already knew that it was an odd charge but he was just asking.

Thank goodness because even though my card was safely in my wallet, someone, somehow got ahold of the number and tried to charge a vacation on me.

Fortunately for me and American Express, they declined the charge and so Mr. Criminal did not get a plane ticket on AMEX.

I am very grateful and salute the AMEX security system. I am a little worried however–the daily purchases I make map our lives. AMEX knows everything about us.

Will they be calling me to tell me that they noticed I forgot to pick up milk when I went to the store?

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