Shocking….truly shocking!!!!!

Last Thursday morning, fairly early, my phone buzzed telling me I had received a text message. I checked it and was surprised to see a short message from my daughter telling me she was on her way home from college. I was surprised because she was coming home a day early—she had planned to be home on Friday so I was a little concerned over the change of plans.

“Great, but why?” I texted back with some trepidation.

Her answer——

That’s right. My kind hearted daughter had rescued a teeny, tiny puppy from a TRASH CAN. That’s right, a TRASH CAN.

She had been returning from the gym, in a rainstorm and heard the whining and whimpering of an animal in distress. She could not ignore it and spent several minutes searching through the bushes and under all the shrubs around the entrance to her apartment. After a short while, she realized that the sound was coming from the large communal trash cans located near the parking lot area.

The closer she got, the louder the sound. After several minutes, and way down in the middle of the second trash can, she found a tiny little female puppy who was scared to death and shaking with the cold.

She immediately scooped her up. The poor thing was filthy with garbage and cold so my daughter took her in and gave her a bath and some water. The poor puppy was very thirsty and obviously hungry so my daughter fixed her some chicken.

Now she headed home to our family with her new addition because her apartment complex has rules regulating pets and she did not want any problems there.

Fortunately, the vet pronounced her healthy and old enough to get her first round of shots. Little Sofi is a 2 pound Chihuahua that is about 10 weeks old. She is going to be loved and cared for the rest of her life.

Now, what I cannot truly get my mind around, is the fact that someone THREW AWAY this precious little puppy. She was in the trash can.

I cannot fathom the thought process of the person or persons who would do such a thing. I have often read about situations of animal cruelty and our other 7 pets (4 dogs and 3 cats) are all “give aways” or “dumpies,” animals people did not want for some reason, but I cannot even imagine the act of just throwing a puppy away in the trash.

I suppose she is lucky her previous owner did not do worse—still it is very disturbing. It gives me concern because if a person would do that to a tiny little helpless puppy, he or she has absolutely no moral compass.

I am trying not to focus on the depravity of one person but rather be grateful about the fact that my daughter now has a precious little companion to love and who will love her. Still, I will tell you that I have lost sleep and found myself obsessing about the person who did this.

What could possible justify this? Would they not feel any remorse or guilt over the cruelty of throwing a living thing into the trash?

As someone mentioned, people throw away children, so I should not be so very shocked over this. Still, I am very proud that my daughter would go to all the trouble of looking for and rescuing this helpless little puppy. I am still going to be shocked and am going to focus on the fact that this terrible act must be a rare, and uncommon occurrence. It is not the norm so it is still something that shocks the conscience.

I know that my daughter is going to make a big difference in the life of little Sofi. I know that she will get the tremendous gift of unconditional love in return.

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