Spring Break–A Magic Week in March

Spring Break-A Magic Week in March

Once my children became old enough to travel, our family has enjoyed celebrating spring and our family during a variety of Spring Break vacations. Many families plan family vacations around summer travel schedules but ours quickly focused on the magic week in March when school is off for a whole week.

I know we are not alone. Families around the country, and in fact the world, plan special family time around the calendar in March. We have enjoyed a variety of Spring Break activities over the year, some more spectacular than others, but there is something about a mid-spring break that makes travel and time off at this time of year special.

I always valued the time and in fact, planned much of our spring activities around the schools’ schedules. Once my children were in school, I called the regional office of the school district starting in February to make sure I had the school schedule for the next year as soon as it was released. Once the date was certain, I began reviewing options. Some spring break travel required planning and booking reservations months in advance. Of course, the earlier the plans and commitment, the better the prices and higher the discounts. Sometimes our plans were simple, camping and simple boating adventures, sometimes they were elaborate, a scuba diving trip to the Caribbean, but they were always focused on getting away to spend time together as a family.

Some years we have been blessed by being able to share our travel with good friends and family. Spending time together on vacation is always special and creates a unique bond that is a gift. (Of course, travel with friends and family can be a challenge as well but this blog entry is focusing on the positive.) There is something about being with a small group for extended hours for several days that adds a new dimension to the relationship. Being together for, almost, 24-7, makes for a new type of bond. I am pleased to say that in all of our years, most of time, the time spent was a joy. Best of all, we have great memories and lots of stories.

As my children have grown into young adults, and entered college, we faced a new series of challenges. During a couple of years, the children had different weeks off. We managed to coordinate overlapping weekends and ended up with time together anyway. It was a priority for our family. I am happy to say it has continued even now that they are through with school.

The best gift of all is that as my children have grown into adulthood, they have shared their friends with us. We have enjoyed the gift of time from their friends and cherish every day that they have chosen to spend with us. We have formed bonds that we will enjoy for a lifetime.

One drawback to March travel is that the down time before the vacation and after is non-existent. March travel requires people who can hit the ground running, live full speed through a vacation adventure, and jump back into real world responsibilities with no time off. Frankly, it can be hard. Some people don’t want to or cannot do it. I respect that, but for the family who can muscle through, it is a great time to get away.

If you have not thought about it, Spring Break gives you a great time to make some magic memories. Embrace it.

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