Wise Irish Women–a project begun by two cousins to honor our Irish heritage and share the gift of Irish wisdom with others.  We have found that many successful women who share our Irish heritage benefited from the firm, loving and supportive guidance of relatives who helped mold them.  After the tragic deaths of our father and mother (who were brother and sister) just six months apart from a mysterious illness, we resolved to find comfort in remembering their love and support.  We can still feel their pride in us and their hand in this project every day.  We know they would want us to share the gift of the Irish wisdom we received from them with others.  In turn, we have been blessed that others are willing to share their stories with us. This project has grown to something much bigger than we imagined.  We are being blessed by this experience.  Most important, we think this project is a gift to us all.

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  1. FC Maeila says:

    Even if all else in life is an uphill battle, having pride in oneself will help you find your destiny!!

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